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Hello! My name is Pete Hincks & I am professional guitar teacher offering both electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Milton Keynes.

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Pete Hincks Guitar Teacher
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Pete Hincks
Personalised Guitar Lessons

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Milton Keynes! I'm Pete and I am a professional guitar teacher based here in Milton Keynes and I teach guitar to all ages and abilities. I'm a family man and into karate, triathlon and music - in particular, GUITAR.

My lessons are created around your own personal tastes and needs. I believe that we should learn in the direction that you want to learn in.

When I go back and remember how I learnt guitar, I know I did it all wrong. All I wanted to do was play something that sounded like the record. First of all, at the age of 5, I attended classical guitar lessons. I remember playing songs like Bobby Shaftoe (I completely understand if you say "What? I've never heard of him" cause nor had I.), which sounded nothing like Jimi Hendrix or the Eagles, that my uncle was playing.

I got through a few "A Tune A Day" books and can't really complain as I developed techniques with both hands, but still, I didn't sound like the record and so the guitar playing took a back seat. After that, every so often, I would pick up the guitar and give it a twang; I would try to find melodies up and down one string, and try to play the infamous "Smoke on the Water" - it still didn't sound like the record.

I then persevered through guitar books, wondering how people ever played some of those chords, and I'm sure the tune sounds nothing like that...this guitar playing seemed impossible. I remember borrowing a 12 string when I was 10 - this was sounding a bit better. I played an Eagles tune to my class which went down well, but still didn't quite sound right, so the guitar got put down yet again. At the age of 16, I saved up for months to buy a "Gibson SG copy" and a practice amp. You guessed it - I couldn't get it to sound right...I pawned the guitar.

“I have been having guitar lessons in Milton Keynes with Pete, I can't believe how much I have learned so quickly! I really enjoy what I learn in my lessons.”

At the age of 21, I bought myself yet another guitar and special effects processor - hey this sounded better. I found a guitar book that taught me the pentatonic scale - hmmm, this had potential. I had a jam with my brother in law who was a drummer and never stopped playing since. My point is, if I had the right sort of guidance, I would have got the right sound, and the right motivation to continue all those years ago, and so would have had that many more years pleasure with my friend - the guitar.

My goal is to give my students the right guidance at the right time, so as to keep the students enjoying playing, positively motivated and constantly improving. I have achieved this by tailoring the students' developments by targeting relevant pieces of music they want to play.

For more information about my guitar lessons don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or email me on info@guitarlessonsmiltonkeynes.com or call 03455 086739.

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